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To ensure excellent quality and customer satisfaction, WE MSIPL have dedicated on site project management team.

Equipped with talented and experienced Managers & Engineers, who would be capable to handle the onsite installation in the shortest possible time without compromising Safety and Quality aspects.Team for accurate planning & monitoring, especially for supplies, resources and schedule Specialized Lifting team to handle the complicity of erection. MSIPL project execution team is well versed to handle the complicit lifting processes .

Experts to monitor the Metal roof / Cladding installation process, to ensure to deliver long lasting and low maintenance roofing to our esteemed customers.Dedicated team to handle entry formalities for workmen i.e. training, medical check-up, compliance of statutory labor law requirements. Strong back office support to execute the projects on time.


We specify value in project management by identifying objectives, deliverable and requirements. We define also here acceptance criteria. Value or end result of the project is what the customer is truly purchasing .

Metal scope Project Goals & Objectives.

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Schedule On time delivery.

  • Achieve all milestones

  • With ‘ZERO’ Safety incidents

  • High Quality work without NCR.

  • No rework

  • No design modification

  • Limit change orders

  • Within target cost & budget.

  • Successful innovation.

  • Have a “showcase” project

  • Learn & Implement  Lean  integrated Project management  skills

  • Timely payment for vendors.

Our team brainstorms the following ideas for onsite coordination and resource management:

  • Equipment management sharing – use the same company for equipment supply

  • Matrix for identifying requirements and availability for sharing

  • Waste disposal management – sharing resources

  • Sharing of idle resources (planned way)

  • Sharing of electrical power points .

  • Shared working space

  • Daily Review methodology

  • Project information: photos, plans, designs, master schedule, etc.

  • White boards and / or flip charts for collaborative design

  • Commitment planning wall (daily or weekly work plan)

  • LPS metrics & dashboard

  • IT to enable collaboration: projector, TV, computers


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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.

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