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With our highly effective Design Engineers and the State of the art In-House Design & Engineering Division, proven expertise in Engineered Systems for Pre Engineered Buildings, Complex Steel structures, Industrial Projects, bridge structures & specialty structures. we do the entire Design and Detailing of the proposed solution based on the requirements provided by our clients. 

Our In-house team  Provides complete solutions for Pre-engineered buildings /structures right from estimation to analysis, design, detailing, sheeting /accessories design.



Shear force Diagram.PNG
Stress Contour at Connection
10 Base plate design.png
3D Framing View- Truss Building.PNG
Air Hanger 3D view.PNG

Did you know, for manufacturing 1 MT of clean steel, we consume 2.7 Metric of our natural resources and keeping this in mind, we at Metal scope India(Pvt)Ltd, we design optimized steel building by using high strength steel.


While the weight of a steel structure is a major component of the total cost, the minimization of the cost should be the final objective for the optimum use of available resources.


In real-world engineering applications the uncertainties of the structural parameters are inherent and the scatter from their nominal ideal values is in most cases unavoidable. These uncertainties play a dominant role in the structural performance and the only way to assess this influence is to perform Reliability-Based Design Optimization and Robust Design Optimization



We at Metal scope (India) Pvt.Ltd is abreast of the most advanced software and has a robust system and process to deliver the best-optimized design and analysis, which are very detailed with the weight of each and every component starting from the mainframe, bracings, sheeting, and fit-outs to bolts specifically mentioned.


 We routinely keep our self-update with the current developments in Structural engineering. Our mastery over standard codes of practice like the BIS, AISC, BS, and IBC code leads to the production of sound engineering designs.
The systems and process ensure all critical aspects of Analysis and Design go through rigorous checks and it adheres to our commitment to zero error policy. We even do manual calculations to ensure that the software output is correct within the tolerance limits. Delivering high quality, optimized and error-free design is the motto of our design team.


Our design reports are exhaustive, standardized, of highest quality engineering practice, and have been vetted by IITs, IISc, NIT, and other premier Institutes in India. Our quality engineering design report helps clients to get faster approvals from regulating authorities.


Michelin Tyrs.png

Our Design Reports are provided with Design drawings for better understanding and visualization. The design drawing sets are quite exhaustive covering Plan layout, anchor bolt layouts, frame elevations views, secondary framing plans, and elevations, and 3D views. 

Well, detailed drawings reduce the chances of error by more than 80%. We have the best system in place to handle every aspect of detailed engineering like Modelling, Clash checking, producing shop drawings, erections drawings, BOMs, NC, CNC files, and DXFs.  Our clients have appreciated us for cent percent accuracy and quality deliverables.

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