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Pre-Engineered Buildings



A Quick Glimpse on Pre-Engineered Building System & Its Advantages & Application

The Pre-Engineered Building's (PEB) is based on the concept especially known for its structural strength, economical design, and its compactness. Pre-engineered Buildings outclass the traditional concept of construction. PEB system comprises primary, secondary structures, roofing, cladding & accessories which are designed as per Indian & international standards. Fabrication of these structures involves Technology- led & qualitative manufacturing methods used at the factory that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements according to the dimensions for easy handling and assembling process executed at site.


  • Cost is reduced as much as 30% lower than conventional steel. 

  • It is designed based on the Application and usage of the Building. 

  • Reduced construction time. 

  • Environment-friendly structures 

  • Faster occupancy and earlier realization of revenue. 

  • Increased Life cycle performance and cost 

  • competitiveness 

  • The foundations are of simple design, easy to construct and 

  • lighter weights. 

  • The erection time is faster. 

  • International Quality Standards 

  • Buildings can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays. 

  • Buildings can be supplied to around 90M clear spans. 

  • The quality is assured. 

  • The building can be dismantled and relocated easily 

  • Architectural Flexibility

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  • Factories

  • Workshop

  • Warehouses

  • Railway Stations

  • Showrooms

  • Supermarkets

  • Airport Terminal Buildings

  • Aircraft Hangers

  • Petrol pumps

  • Schools

  • Sports Complex

  • Sugar Mills

  • Power plants, 

  • Cement plants

  • Poultry Farm

  • Convention Centers

  • Auditoriums

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