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Life at Metalscope

Life at Metalscope Group is all about learning, growing, and collaborating to achieve excellence in everything that we do. At Metal Scope, we recognize each and every employee as special and nurture them by honing their skills, recognizing their achievements, and supporting them in every part of their journey. Each employee is treated as a unique individual and it is this diversity that makes us who we are and is behind the richness of our culture.

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Working with us

With over ---------of hard-core PEB  experience exciting in our corridors, we are a team passionate about Pre Engineered Building solutions and Railway products catering to ICF, RCF, and MCF. Add to that, a group of specialist professionals, and you have a talent pool committed to Metalscope’s vision of being India’s top Pre Engineered Building company and a strong global player in this segment.

We are building a culture at Metalscope where amazing people like can do their best at work.

Working at Metalscope is an exciting and rewarding journey, filled with opportunities to learn and implement new ideas. Our talents are our most valuable asset and we empower them by providing the freedom to make decisions and undertake risks. We encourage them to build stronger collaborations with customers and enable them to achieve the highest level of excellence.

What we require from our talents is an unwavering adherence to our values, a constant learning mindset, a high degree of commitment, accountability to goals, and speed in execution.

Whether you are starting out or have a wealth of experience, if you share our passion for serving customers and creating a great organization that contributes to nation-building, we may have a place for you. If you are ready to grow in your career, you have come to the right place to work.

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You will find yourself working in a true partnership that results in an incredible experience, and an end product that is the best.

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