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Our Infrastructure


At Metalscope, we understand the fact that ‘’Fabrication does not merely mean Cutting & Welding’,with our highly effective Design Engineers and the State of the art In-House Design Engineering Lab / Division, we do the entire Design and Detailing of the proposed solution based on the requirements provided by our clients. Once the design is approved, the actual procurement happens which eventually proceeds to the Fabrication process.



Metal Scope “Udayam” Way of Working (WoW)   Objectives  & Strategies Implemented



  • Strong orientation towards customer needs and timelines 

  • Re-aligned our culture as a “Projects” company from a manufacturing one.

  • Focus on delivering on-time.

  • Increase customer orientation across the delivery chain.

  • Increase productive utilization of resources based on improved planning practices

  • Synchronizing common priorities across departments.

  • Full BOM release by Engineering

  • Improving handovers across departments & Developed Kitting Zone for sequences delivery to complete site erection sent in full.

  • Daily Flo meetings – Morning stand up meetings with dept heads to synchronize daily efforts and address inter departmental issues.

  • Workshops, knowledge sessions to build common understanding

  • Hand holding by planning coordinators to build and sustain habits

  • Operations Council to drive long term improvements


The entire process from Estimation, Design, Material Management, Fabrication, Production Management and Delivery is controlled and organized using fabrication management software. This gives a simple and controlled environment in which the entire process is stream-lined without compromising the quality and time.


With the state-of-art manufacturing facility with the capacity of 3000 MT/Month  and

With the cutting-edge technology and highly advanced tools and machineries, Manufacturing / Fabrication happens seamlessly in a defined process flow to deliver the product with high precision. The Primary and Secondary processes are followed hand-in-hand which enables quicker delivery of the End-Product.

(The Process Include Plate Cutting, H-Beam Welding, Flange Straightening, Drilling, Welding, Grinding, Shot Blasting and Painting.)


Metal Scope is equipped with Multi Torch and Plasma Cutting machines with high precision and high Ratio reduction planetary Gearboxes, which can provide excellent smoothness and resolution.

Metal Scope is also facilitated with their Auto assembly in H-Beam with submerged App Welding machines upto 16mm and 50mm with varied power capacities.

Flange Straightening (Visuals)

The welded beams are then flange straightened to correct the deformation if any due to the welding process. The required Flange Thickness and Flange Width is achieved through this process for the beams of length upto _12mtrs_.

Following the Flange Straightening, Drilling is done with extreme precision using CNC Drilling Machines and H-Beam Drilling machines. The feeding of work piece is driven by rollers which are controlled by hydraulic and mechanical systems. simultaneous drilling is done on 3 sides of the H-Beam.

Highly skilled and trained labors perform Welding and Grinding which gives accurate dimensions to the end-product.



 Based on the client’s requirement, we also have the facility and do the surface finish of the products by Shot Blasting as per the Swedish standard of SA 2.5. Metal Scope also offers Painting Solutions of Enamel Paint, Epoxy Paint and Special paints including PU Paints & Metallizing Paints. The finished product after the approval from Quality Control is then loaded with all the safety measures and delivered to the Client’s site with utmost care.

Secondary Process include the Purlins, Roofing & Cladding, Decking Profile, and other process which supports the Primary Process in effectively delivering Total Steel Building Solutions.

Our Corporate Film


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